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The technical investigation of Ormen Friske's disaster would not have been possible without the comprehensive documentation of the ship's history by Rune Edberg.

Rune Edberg, Vikingaskeppet Ormen Friskes undergång, Södertörn Archaeological Studies 2, Huddinge 2004 (Swedish, 292 pages, 150 pictures; German summary, 6 pages; English abstract, 1 page).
The book deals with many social aspects of the case. But it does not document any of the many critical articles in newspapers and journals on Ormen Friske's construction errors. The untenable testimony of a German fisherman that bomb maneuvers of the British or American air force over the tiny North Sea Isle of Helgoland apparently had put off Ormen Friske's crew from seeking shelter in the isle's port during the storm is accepted without critical reflections. An analysis of the photos of the wreckage pieces is missing.
Special thanks to a Helgoland captain, who wants to remain anonymous. He knows the sea conditions and also the particular political conditions around the Isle of Helgoland during the year 1950 by his own experience, and from February till April 2004 he could give valuable information concerning those past conditions.
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