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Neurobiology of hearing
2001 Jun Neural oscillations in musical pitch range
2001 Dec Tuned motile hair cells as resonance detectors
2002 Jan Also the mouse hears harmony
2002 Mar Inner-ear transmission at the speed of sound
2002 Sep Motor for inner-ear amplifier identified
2002 Sep Ear tones (SOAEs) related to alterations in brain
2002 Dec Scanning laser image of traveling wave
2004 Jan New constraints for a neural pitch model
2005 Aug Pitch neurons in the auditory cortex
2007 Feb Hair cell tuning in mammalian cochlea?
2008 Dec Again hearing without cochlear traveling wave
Neurobiology of music
2000 Sep Octave effect and melodic harmonicity also in monkeys
2001 May Independence of mode and consonance
2001 Sep Musical pleasure: where in the brain?
2001 Dec Absolute pitch associated with anatomical deficits
2001 Dec Cortical dissonance beats confirm subcortical pitch extraction
2002 Feb Pitch-deafness as an innate, single deficit
2002 Jul Dissonance beats in the auditory midbrain
2003 Mar Speech intonation control related to musicality
2003 Aug Statistics of speech spectrum biased towards consonant intervals
2004 Aug Music raises dopamine level in the rat
2005 Jul Music and dopamine level in human brain
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